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CD-Sibibusi, 2007 Hellen Gill and Friends BumaStemra: Barcode: 8 778844 557487 Categorie: In eigen beheer. i-Tunes Hellen Gill & Friends. Released: 10 june 2007. Genre: Jazz. Helnagi – BumaStemra. Copyright©2007 i-Tunes S.à.r.l.

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Hellen Gill & Friends is a network of musicians and entrepreneurs, who are in relation to their art and culture category. Hellen Gill and Friends, Bondru FM Online. For info please e-mail to

CD Sibibusi, nr1. Brudu CD Sibibusi, nr2. Sibibusi Informatie over zij die medewerking hebben verleend.

Wij maken een aantal video’s! Video deel-1, de presentatie Video deel-2, de cd in wording Deel-3, compilaties overig.


Artiesten die medewerking verle(e)n(d)en Carla Bakboord, Marjan Berk, Henriëtte van Berkel Noraly Beyer, Francine van Dam, Gilda Dannarag Dineke Deelman, Thea Doelwijt, Franky Douglas Lydia Emanuels, Rolanda van Embricqs, Glenn Gaddum Hellen Jeanette Gill, Gerda Havertong, Denise Jannah Lesley Joseph, Patrick Lauwerends, Dhroeh Nankoe Lucia S Nankoe (executive-producer), Ana Pinas (choreografie) Fanti O’ Brian, Celestine Raalte Julian S With (opening van onze presentatie in de Meervaart)

Brudu naga watra ai – Blood and Tears, A Soldiers cry This story is about the way worldwide many soldiers suffer In peacetime they have a relaxed and quiet social life In war time they have to save – or shoot on their own people The commands falls particularly heavily for some soldiers When they have to “Shoot if people ignore rules” or “Shoot at all that moves” The soldiers are wondering how long this war will last An international story in which everybody can picture situations of people in War time.

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  • Managers: Nobert Gill, Ana Pinas, Sophie Schmid
  • PR-Radio: Simone Spong van Surinam Stars, Spong Design, ClubParadise FM-SALTO
  • Boeken (Historie): Carl Haarnack, Buku–Bibliotheca Surinamica, Library, archives & wunderkammer




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